• Xorana vom Spulsee x Becker's Jad vom Reeboch
  • 4 Females and 3 Males
  • DOB: 10/22/17
  • All Sable and Dark Sable
  • Xorana/Jad Litter Pedigree

  • A'Prada vom Rauching-Bach x Nemo vom-Heidhof
  • 3 Females and 2 Males 
  • DOB: 07/22/17
  • Bicolor and Black and Tan 
  • www.pedigreedatabase.com/german_shepherd_dog/dog.html?id=2516645-aprada-vom-rauchig-bach
  • SOLD

  • Kato van Zieta's Hof x Bolle Ja Na Ka
  • Kato/Bolle Litter Pedigree 
  • 3 Females and 5 Males
  • DOB: 10/15/16
  • All very dark Black and Tan and Bi-Colors
  • SOLD


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(603 )759-9589

(270) 696-0574


D' Lanor Kennels has been breeding, training, and competing with German Shepherd Dogs for many years. Our European Working-Line dogs have been a true success here in the United States. D'Lanor Kennels breeds for the best temperament, health, and working line dogs. Whether you are searching for a dog to compete in the sport of Schutzhund, a personal protection dog, or a pet dog we can assist you and your family. We take great pride in our lines as we compete and show. Great dogs don't just happen. It takes a well-bred German Shepherd to rise to the challenge. Our goal is breed the best German Shepherd possible.  We are now located in Kentucky on our small farm. Please feel free to contact us.                                                            European Bloodlines  /   Made in the USA


D' Lanor Kennels 

All puppies go home with:

-AKC paperwork

-First Vaccine Series

-Health Certificate



 German Shepherds

We are proud to announce the arrival of  Ezzir Gaja-Nova. This powerful and handsome male has completed his BH exam with 55 points (Venhauer), Spr1 with 91 points (Venhauer), and is continuing his work in IPO here in the states.  Not only is Ezzir a wonderful competition dog, but he is an amazing family companion and protector around the house.    DKK-A/A DLK-0/0. Inquiry regarding stud services. 

  Ezzir Gaja-Nova Pedigree